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The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The Meaning of the Hierophant
Major Arcana Tarot Card in Readings

The Tarot Hierophant card meaning in a nutshell:
The dependency on approval
from an elevated dignity.

Priest - spiritual authority.

       There's no doubt that the elevated figure on the Tarot Hierophant card is the pope. The word hierophant is Greek, meaning someone who shows the holy. The card is sometimes called The High Priest, which is just about the same: the one claiming to be closest to what's holy, thereby kind of holy himself, too. But that's far from certain.

       The pope and other kinds of hierophants are heads of something symbolic, which is not the same as calling them symbolic heads. Usually, they have tremendous power and final say when it comes to what the divine may want. So, the divine seems mostly to want precisely what the hierophants want.

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI.

       Temples are lavishly decorated, since they are to be the domains of gods. For the same reason, hierophants are lavishly dressed. Their appearances represent the splendor of what's holy, since they are supposed to be the closest links to it. That's why they can carry all that gold and jewels, without embarrassment. Some seem to indulge in it more than others, though. Above is a photo of the present pope, Benedict XVI, in a public appearance, below a portrait of Pope Paul III made by Titian in 1488.

Pope Paul III, by Titian 1488.
Pope Paul III. Painting by Titian, 1488.

       In the Tarot deck, the Hierophant card is one that signals tremendous significance, but not necessarily as much substance. Whatever the hierophant might claim, we're all just as bewildered before god. The divine has no definite location, so there's no way anybody could be nearer to it than others. The Tarot Hierophant is the head of rituals, but the essence of any spiritual path is what each of us makes of it inside ourselves. That's a temple no hierophant can make his abode.

       So, if the Tarot Hierophant card refers to a person, it's someone very pompous indeed, whom it's of vital importance to treat with respect - whatever you might feel about it. You need that person's approval. At least, you can't afford offending him or her.

       If the Tarot Hierophant card refers to an event, it's a moment of great symbolic significance, which can lead to triumph or to debasement. There's not much more to do than hope for the best - and make sure not to offend anyone.

       Watch out, because the Tarot Hierophant is a person or an event that is much more important to the final outcome than you might expect - definitely more than what seems reasonable.

Pope Gregorius I. Painting by Francisco de Zurbaran, 1627.
Pope Gregorius I. Painting by Francisco de Zurbaran, 1627.

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