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The Lovers

The Lovers Major Arcana Tarot card.

The Meaning of the Lovers
Major Arcana Tarot Card in Readings

The Tarot Lovers card meaning in a nutshell:
Deeply felt mutual attraction
- for as long as it lasts.

Love — intense affection.

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       Except for the nudity, the picture of the Lovers Major Arcana Tarot card is quite innocent, maybe even virginal. That's because of the time and culture in which the Tarot deck of cards was created.

       Still, the Lovers card is definitely about sex, too. The complete love between two people. Attraction, lust, passion — all the emotions making two persons longing to connect, and then the devotion keeping them together for as long as it lasts.

       The Lovers Tarot card is almost parodical in its emphasized innocence. The two lovers are not even holding hands, but remaining apart, forcefully separated by an angelic figure — albeit with red instead of white wings, as a discreet indicator of passion. The Lovers card speaks more of Agape than of Eros, the non-carnal love instead of the lustful one. No sin committed — yet.

       Talking about sin, another one than that of the flesh is implied by the apple tree and the serpent on the left side of the Lovers card image. This refers, of course, to Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. We know how that ended. Here is a painting by Masolino in 1425 of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall, showing some similarity to the Tarot Lovers card above:

Adam and Eve, by Masolino da Panicale, 1425.
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the Fall, showing some similarity to the Tarot card of the Lovers. Painting by Masolino da Panicale, 1425.

       The innocence doesn't last for long, when love is involved. And in a reading, the Lovers Tarot card is definitely about what its title says, and all the aspects thereof. Also, it's about the ability to love — more so, it indicates a character in which love overshadows everything else. It's the Tarot card of the lover, whether it's a Casanova, a Cleopatra, or Tristan and Isolde. Those who live to love and love to live.

       Falling in love depends on the ability to do so. The true lover is always in love, although the object may vary — still with complete fidelity to the love of the moment, as if suddenly nobody else exists in the whole world, and nothing else matters.

       These lovers on the Tarot card seem innocent. Actually, they look like they are not in love at all. But that's just because their eyes haven't even met yet. The man has spotted the woman and as soon as her eyes leave the angelic figure towering over their heads, she will see him and their nature will do the rest. They have it in them, so they're destined to fall in love if they just meet.

       Therefore, the angel seemingly keeping the Lovers apart is one of opportunity, arranging fate so that it makes them meet. Not a difficult task with two lovers at heart. It can happen with just about anyone they meet, and certainly when both are of the same nature, like the ones on this Tarot card. Whether it was the angel's doing or not that they met, once it happened the heavenly creature would not be able to tear them apart.

The Lovers Card as a Person

If the Tarot Lovers card refers to a person, and it often does, that is someone who is on the verge of falling in love with you — if you just accept it. Well, it can happen whether you accept it or not. The person indicated is a lover, as described above. If you succeed to escape it, another will be the object of that love. The card may also point to a couple, who are in love or about to be — none of them with you. Still, it is likely to have an effect on your life, good or bad, making you need to relate to it.

The Lovers Card as an Event

If the Tarot Lovers card in your divination spread refers to an event, which is not uncommon, then it is an opportunity for you to fall in love with someone who is just as likely to fall in love with you. A chance to love, simply. More than a chance, really. The card is most likely to indicate that it will happen, whether it's in your plans for the future or not.

The Lovers Card as You

If the Tarot Lovers card has a position in the divination spread indicating you, it simply means that you are the lover — for the moment or always. You search for someone to love, or you have just found that special someone. It is not at all sure that this someone will feel the same for you, but the odds are on your side. Love is, as explained above, contagious. In any case, you will find yourself acting on that emotion, wherever it leads you.

A. E. Waite about the Tarot Lovers Card

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